Stop Flicking Through the TV Channels

Some years ago, Karen worked at a hospital with mainly female social workers. When a guy called Steve joined Karen’s team, the girls always found it interesting to hear a male’s perspective on how men thought about things, how they dealt with relationship issues and communication differences between men and women. Steve was always quite… Continue Reading

Stop Groping Me

Pat would often come up behind Bev whilst she was working in the kitchen and give her a big hug from behind and reach around and squeeze her boobs. Bev thought she was meant to enjoy this affection from Pat, but actually she was irritated by it. Especially when she was in the middle of… Continue Reading

He Always Lets Me Down

My husband lets me down My partner always lets me down but am I also letting myself down Consider this scenario: Linda often felt let down by her husband Trevor. She would ask him to do something that meant a lot to her, and he would agree at the time. But then he never followed… Continue Reading

Is it Infatuation or Love?

Infatuation (Limerence) or Love? Consider what it is that YOU are experiencing in your relationship. 1. How long have you been with your partner? Infatuation lasts just long enough for a couple to get together, for the woman to be impregnated and a baby to be born. Then, theoretically, leaving the female to raise the… Continue Reading

Am I A Sex Addict?

What does it mean to be addicted to sex? You may be someone who needs frequent and regular sex. This need not be anything to be concerned about, especially if you are at the beginning of a relationship when limerence is high. Or perhaps you are still passionate with your partner and enjoy a wonderful… Continue Reading

Communication Is The Key To Any Relationship

Have you read this anywhere before? Communication Is The Key To Any Relationship I first saw it years ago in a Nokia mobile phone advertisement. And its message is valid! No communication, no relationship. The communication can be verbal, written, sign language or body language… communication in a relationship is the main thing. Without it, you’re… Continue Reading

We Get On Really Well Together

We get on really well together … but we don’t have sex anymore Does this scenario look like you? You get on well with your husband, and enjoy spending time together. You talk pretty easily with one another and you describe each other as your “best friend”? You probably discuss heaps of different things and… Continue Reading

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