Personality Types

Personality Types To Identify Your Man

Want to know how to manage your man’s behavior?

  • Are you being hurt by the way your man behaves?
  • Do you find you try to gauge his mood before you approach him?

Would it be helpful if you could identify specifically what is wrong with him, and why you feel on edge when he is around, always careful about what you say?

personality-types-to-identify-your-manPerhaps he is someone who plays the Blame Game, and is frequently defensive.

He may be someone who has unpredictable outbursts or even rages, leaving you puzzled about the rules of your relationship that keep changing.

On the other hand, he may withdraw communication.

He may give you the cold shoulder when he is mad about something you have done (and you are meant to work out what you did wrong!)

When you met, were you attracted to him because he was so outgoing and the life of the party? – but after so many years, the party has never stopped for him, and he is always joking about and being silly, which gets you really embarrassed.

The other side of the coin is that he may be so withdrawn from your family and friends that you can’t convince him to go anywhere with you, and you are sick of going places alone and making excuses for his anti-social behavior.

You have a better chance of changing him if you understand the type of personality he has, and what drives him to act the way he does. See if you can identify his personality type from the topics below:

  • What is a Narcissist?
  • Does he have Adult ADD symptoms?
  • How to recognize Controlling Men
  • Define Introvert
  • Does your man have Insecurities?
  • Does he have OCD Symptoms?
  • Is he dealing with Post-Traumatic Stress?
  • Describe Passive Aggressive Behavior
  • What is a Sociopath?

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