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Hello, my name is Karen Gosling.

I’m the only marriage coach in the world to promise you a happy passionate marriage, keep the family together, and learn relationship skills you can use for life within 8 weeks… or I’ll work with you until you do.

I’m passionate about helping individuals and couples improve personal happiness, self-esteem and connection.

I know that marriages aren’t always easy … In fact, sometimes they are downright dreadful! But we humans are social creatures and designed to be in relationship, and the research tells us that we live longer and are way healthier if we are in a happy marriage.

So that’s a pretty good reason to fix your troubled marriage!

How To Change Him About UsMy husband, Dr. Mike Gosling, and I are full time marriage counsellors, coaches, and mentors helping couples in troubled marriages through;

  1. My website at: https://karengosling.com.
  2. Karen Gosling Counselling Methods online short courses at: https://karengoslingcounselling.com
  3. Zoom or Face-to-Face Counselling in my rooms at Labrador, Gold Coast, Australia. Book an appointment today.
  4. ADHD Relationships Coaching at: https://adhdrelationships.com.au/
  5. Fast Fix Marriage Formula to transform your marriage or relationship at https://marriagology.com including 8-weeks online trainings, 5×2-hours one-on-one couple Zoom counselling, 12-months weekly Zoom online group meetings, and our members only Facebook group to ask your questions and review weekly Zoom recordings.

I look forward to you joining me.